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Elna Martins
Santa came to our house tonight. What a delightful experience! I have two granddaughters, age 9 & 6. They were speechless. Literally speechless. Afterwards the eldest asked her father: ‘Daddy, did this just happen?’ I highly recommend this beautiful service, it was safe and secure, completely contactless. The kids stayed indoors and their dad went outside to meet Santa in person. It was a special occasion for me as a grandma too. Memories were made tonight, thank you Santa! Merry Christmas.
Amy Engman
This Santa is the BEST! He has the right personality and really IS Santa.
I highly recommend.
Margaret Hansen
I am a grandparent of a 5, 7 and 9 year old. I asked Santa to do a naughty and nice check tonight. Santa came onto our patio and peered into the room when th 9 year old said “Look Santa!” The 7 year old was out of his mind with excitement. Grandpa went outside to get the report on their behavior. Twice the 7 year old tried to go outside to speak with Santa. It was magical and so much fun to do with our grandkids. I HIGHLY recommend him…. highly! 🎄🎄Merry Christmas!
Dean Rhadans
Santa came out and delivered presents to my Grand daughter. She kept asking me "Is this really happening?".
When she opened her gift and it was exactly what she had been asking for it was magical. Thanks Santa.
(Wishes to remain annonomous)
Kids still can't stop talking about it. Santa created a family memory that we will be talking about for years.
Lorelei Jerabek-Rauch
Lake Country Santa was great! From his outfit to the way he acted! He peeked in the windows and the Grand kids went crazy with excitement! We will definitely be hiring him again!

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